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Why CTOption is a reliable broker

Posted by on Nov 17, 2015 in Binary Options Review |

         Several tips and tricks are available in online articles and they can be applied when clients want to check if a broker is reliable or not, and if investing money through a certain website will be profitable or dangerous for the trader in question. People are naturally very careful when it comes to funds that they earned through their hard work, and it makes perfect sense that they can sometimes be hesitant when investments are in order. This is not one of those articles and lists, but it is similar in the sense that it will elaborate on a broker which offers trading in binary options, and we will check if “CTOption scam” is actually possible.

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            Those tricks and instructions that are mentioned at the beginning of the text mostly consist of several basic steps: research and reading. Clients are usually advised to read as much as possible about the broker that they want to sign up with, and to do as much research as possible. broker-ctoptionsThis research should include steps like checking if address and contact information are functional, if there is a working customer support, if terms and conditions are not having anything hidden within the text, and similar. Reading should be focused on reviews, newspaper articles and recommendations, with as much experiences of real-life users as possible. Also, very important is to check if a broker is regulated by one or more of the respectable regulatory bodies, since companies that are not having one these licenses can easily be dangerous for the trader.

            When it comes to Tropicaltrade or “CTOption” in particular, this website is certainly not a scam, and this is something that we should get cleared right away. This broker house is a perfectly reliable company, which operates in a totally legitimate manner, and there were almost no complaints about the performances and activities of this enterprise.CToption_bonus_300 “CTOption” scam is not possible due to several very clear reasons, and all clients should know them before they start trading with this highly successful trading website. Experts and experienced traders have tried and tested this broker, and when all results showed that trading with “CTOption” is safe and protected, clients have rushed to register their accounts with this broker house.

            First of all, “CTOption” has one of the best customer support teams on the market, and clients can contact them any time they want, 24/7. This feature is not possible with scam brokers, because they fear of being identified and for similar obvious reasons.CToption-Broker-Review-2015-660x330 Additionally, there are top-notch security protocols and safety solutions incorporated into daily operations of the website, such as depositing the money and subsequent withdrawal, which enable complete protection of funds and personal information of the customer. Also, and perhaps most importantly, “CTOption”enables clients to test all features of the website without spending any money, and this can be done thanks to free demo account. This option provides them with the possibility of “looking around” to see if they actually like the site and if they will register with “CTOption”, and many of them do, once they see what is on offer with this broker.


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Picking out reliable broker

Posted by on Nov 17, 2015 in Binary Options Review |

                       Knowledge about trading on forex is not the only thing that will make you successful, the choice of right broker plays important role in it.  The whole process of finding broker should not be too long, but verifying that broker should take some time. This time is needed to check all aspects of that broker in order to decide whether he is  right choice for a trader like you. Remember, we are not all the same, so some of us look for different things in a broker, things some don’t are about at all.

best-forex-brokers    So, first stem is actually finding a broker, or market maker, as they are known. You should watch for few things while searching, whether the broker is stationed in one of the major countries or it works off-shore, regulative situation of that broker, the size of that particular market and support quality. There are more things to look for, but these few are the most important to have on your trader.

Many abstract images on the theme of computers, Internet and high technology.

   You should aim at large market makers. They should be at least regulated in 3 or 4 major countries, including USA and UK if possible. Large traders have numerous amount of employees which benefits all traders, making their lines always available to traders such as you are. And big market makers have a lot of money to invest into their platform which i never bad.  Trading over such market maker ensures the safety of your money.

top10binarysignals  Be sure the check the stats of market maker you are interested in. If he is regulated, then you will be able to find a site with all their stats. They have to follow some rules if they want to be regulated, and informing yourself about those is smart as well. If you can’t find any reliable site with stats about the broker you want, then it probably means that they  are not regulated, and avoiding unregulated market makers is best option for you. Transparency of their business is another advantage of regulated market makers. They are obliged to provide insight in their business, which unregulated brokers don’t have to do, and in most cases they choose not to reveal anything. You can look into the case of binary options trading and examples such as Ctoption scam site, they are unregulated and they can cheat people without any harm coming to them.

 Binary-options-trading-tips    Opening virtual trading account, or demo account as it is usually called, is your next logical step. Every respectable market maker should have this type of account available to all of its traders. This account will allow you to have insight of trading over that broker. Taking the software, you will use for real trading, for a test drive, with virtual money is a step no one should skip. No matter how well you are acquainted with forex trading, every software and every broker have their own perks, and starting normal trading without getting familiar with software is not wise at all.

   Check the sources of both types of analysis market maker offers, but don’t rely on them only. Be sure to have your own sources, and do your own reseach.

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Factors that have big influence on exchange rates

Posted by on Nov 17, 2015 in Binary Options Review |

  Telling you that there are some things that influence exchange rates between currencies apart from demand and availability would be futile, because that is I hope common knowledge among my readers. Still, knowing that those factors exist is one thing, knowing what actually they are, and how they influence those rates is another thing. My task for today is to explain some of the major factors, how they work and so on. And I will do that as best as I can. You may stumble upon articles about Binary Option Robot, software that promises automatic trading with information gathering. Don’t trust it, it has no connection to any form of trading at all.

 otc  Inflation, is I hope a term known to all of you. If it isn’t then go back to basics, because this is not middle school article, this is more of a trader guide. The difference in inflation is one of the factors that has strong inflence on exchange rates. Constant inflation that is low, will strenghten the currency, and its value will have rising tendency. Some of the best examples of low inflation are USA, Canada, Yapan and Germany. Then we have countries that have big inflation. Their currency value has a falling tendency. If this continues for longer periods of time country can lose their grip on inflation and bad things can happen. Best example for this would be Zimbabwe, whose inflation is constantly high, and their money has no real value. This came to a point where paper with which the money is printed with has bigger value than the banknote printed.

39f8fb1    Interest rate is connected to boh exchange rate and inflation. In order to lower high inflation interest rate must be brought up. This weakens the value of currency, but it also lowers the inflation. High interest rate is a long term solution to the problem of high inflation. If inflation is under control then interest rate can be low, which will not hinder currency value growth. Best example of low interest rate I can think of is Japan. Their interest rate is zero, which boosts yen strenghts and value.

     Deficits in current account has hinder the growth of currency vlue. If there is such deficit it reflects the lack of power of the state to earn as much as they are spending in foreign trade. To put it in simple words, country needs foreign currencies in their foregin trade, becasue they don’t generate enough of their own currency.

4_1_touch    If country has a large public debt, then it sets a chain of events that end up in weak currency. To improve their debt, countries resort to printing more money. More money increases the inflation, which leads to weaker currency.

  Amount of foreign trade has its own effect on currency. The ratio between export and import is the most important aspect of this trade. If export is higher than import, currency gains strength and vice versa. Strong trade equals strong economy and strong economy equals strong currency.

  The last important factor is country’s stability which includes all political and economical factors that keep the country on its legs. Country with low stability means that anything can happen, and people void their currency which causes it to fall.

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